Pet Activator

Resonance with animal welfare.

We know that an animal is another member of the family. Therefore they deserve all our attention. We have expanded our range of activators specifically thinking about them. The pet activator has a very high energy and vibration so that it resonates with well-being.

An increase in vitality, calm or a reduction in the natural level of aggression are some of the benefits that you can easily perceive.

The ideal gift to improve home harmony.

  • Connect an animal with the well-being field of its species.
  • For true animal lovers. People who live with or care for animals and who seek their genuine well-being.
  • 30,000 bovis.It is related to spiritual energy points.
  • Precious metals:Made with 925 sterling silver.
  • Size:2 cm diameter sheet.
  • Talismanic:Connects with the field of well-being information.
  • We know that so-called “pets” are much more than that for you: they are part of your family. This has been our motivation to createan activator designed specifically for animals.

  • Many people have reported to us that carrying the projection and/or reflection activator made their cats or dogs get closer to them. Animals are very sensitive to energy, hence their natural attraction to our collection of activators. We wanted to go a step further so that they had direct access to the informational field of well-being.

  • It provides a very high vibration so that the animal resonates with well-being and can pass that information to the morphic field of its species.

  • The animal resonates with this essential information and benefits in its daily life.

  • Furthermore, by using this activator, the rest of the species benefits, since the animal that wears it adds information to the morphic field to which it belongs, improving it.

  • Vitality, calm, comfort, reduction of excess aggressiveness, reduction of conflictamong them. These will be some of the visible effects that you can perceive in them.

  • It can be used for dogs, cats or any other animal.

This Pet Activator can be customized

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Resonancia con el bienestar animal
Resonancia con el bienestar animal
Resonancia con el bienestar animal