Lovelybond gold chain

Links and relationships

Most of people's conflicts have to do with the relational part: with oneself, with the environment, with family, with friends, with partners. By healing the ties it is possible to achieve the long-awaited peace of mind.

This bracelet operates specifically in the realm of relationships. Relational patterns are learned from childhood and we repeat them automatically and constantly in all areas: work, sentimental, family,...

It gives you access to the ability to heal, cleanse and harmonize those patterns so you can bond in a constructive way.

This is the most premium version of the Lovelybond gold plated bracelet with gold chain. Like the entire collection, the badge has a double design to show off the one that resonates most with you.

  • Improve the relationship with you.
  • Create constructive links.
  • Heal your relational patterns.
  • 18,000 bovis.It is framed in the mental energy points, within the Bovis table.
  • Precious metals:Jewelry and chain made with 925 sterling silver plated in 18 k and 5 micron gold.

  • Size:2 cm diameter jewel.

  • Talismanic:It is linked to the ability to change mental patterns by weaving new neurological networks.
  • From Súktil we have created thisultra-specific bracelet to address relational conflicts. We are aware that one of the main origins of people's problems are in relationships.

  • The way you bond within a relationship(be it friendship, work, romantic, etc.)it's a systemof behaviorsthatyouyou have learnedwithin your family nucleusand that you repeat constantly and automatically. You do this consciously or unconsciously, because they are the only patterns you know. You can only change them if you heal them and create other mechanisms to relate.

  • The Lovelybondgives you direct access, through your unconscious mind, to the ability to cleanse, harmonize and heal all relationship patterns.. In this way, within that new field of mental vibration, you will be able to create a new type of bond.

  • Most of the patterns learned, in current social use,They are not constructive. Some examples may be: deficiency patterns(they approach relationships thinking that other people should meet their needs), avoidant(they avoid talking about their feelings so as not to become vulnerable), abandonment(their natural solution to a conflict is to cut off the relationship to ensure they are not abandoned), of servility(people who place themselves in attending only to the demands of others in order to be recognized), guilt patterns(they continually accuse others without taking responsibility)or, at the other extreme; those who take hyper responsibility. These are some examples of harmful relationship patterns that occur in different degrees of intensity. There are many more.

  • The first thing Lovelybond does isconnect on a mental level with the energy of certainty. From that certainty, one begins to cleanse, heal and harmonize one's own patterns and begin to function differently. Without you having to do anything, your unconscious mind makes the changes.

  • Allow a 180º turn in your life or allows that person who needs it so much to experience itand without having to explain anything. Who wouldn't like a bracelet like this as a gift?

* All natural changes (no matter how small) that you may perceive in yourself in particular are linked to the use of this jewel from the beginning of its use.

This Lovelybond bracelet can be customized

The Lovelybond collection is very versatile and there are several models available.
Even so, we can make certain customizations in the materials.

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To heal your bonds
And relate more constructively
To heal your bonds
And relate more constructively
To heal your bonds
And relate more constructively