Engraved Karma Cleaner


To cleanse karma. We send it to you already activated by recording the person's name . You can activate it for yourself or for whoever you want and there is no need to physically give it since it is activated when you record it. Put the name, initials or first and last name in order notes, as you wish. Be careful because nicknames or diminutives are not valid.

When everything that can go wrong, goes wrong; It's usually a matter of karma.


• Facilitarte la vida (en caso de karma "blando" simplemente no vivirás ciertos hechos. Si se trata de karma "duro" lo experimentarás de una forma leve sin apenas consecuencias).
• Libertarte de obstáculos y dificultades insalvables y/o fatídicas.

  • Precious metals:Copper, gold plated zinc.
  • Size:1.5 cm square jewel.
  • It comes set in a gold pendant.
  • The karma cleaner is used to clean personal karma. Your own or anyone else's.
  • It is activated by engraving the person's name on the back.
  • It works indefinitely and from the moment it is recorded. It is not necessary to carry it with you. You can save it wherever you want.
  • Therefore, if you want to give it to someone, you don't even have to physically give it to that person.
  • If you know what karma is, you will realize the exceptional nature of this gem.

If you need several karma cleaners, we will record them for you at no cost.

If you are going to buy more than 3 karma cleaners, we will engrave and send them to you at no additional cost.

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To get rid of karma and feel the lightness of life
To get rid of karma and feel the lightness of life
To get rid of karma and feel the lightness of life