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Recharge your energy and raise your vibration.

We constantly make sure to keep our Smartphone charged as a priority in our lives, but what do we do in our daily lives to recharge our own energy? With Súktil activators, you will benefit from an inexhaustible and permanent source of energy always at your service . The main reason why people cannot make changes and improvements in their lives is a lack of energy. We are programmed for energy savings. And without enough available energy, we repeat patterns, habits and behaviors. The changes are unsustainable over time and we fall into a spiral of frustration.

In addition to being energetic emanators, our activators act on the information level. They allow you to access, through your unconscious mind, the sacred masculine (projection activator) and the sacred feminine (reflection activator). This means that you benefit from all masculine and feminine archetypes only in their positive potential. With this, you raise your vibration to sacred energy and you will be able to tune in to better circumstances. To better take advantage of their potential, we take advantage of using them in their Activator Watch mode, since you have to see the “coins” by their talismanic face and always carry them with you.

The pet activators also recharge the animals energetically and allow them to access the well-being field typical of their species.

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