reflection activator

Sacred feminine (yin energy)

This coin gives you access, through your unconscious, to yin energy and to the full range of positive sacred feminine archetypes.

  • 24,500 bovis.It has to do with vital energy points and self-knowledge. If you feel like it, you can observe how your target is constantly present in your crosshairs.
  • Precious metals: Made of 925 sterling silver. Silver is associated with the moon, the yin / feminine element by nature.
  • Size: 3 cm in diameter and 2 mm thick.
  • Talismanic: Essentially it is about the fluidity of water and the delicacy of air. The power of inner transformation and creativity. It provides self-sustainability, among others.
  • Inner calm in disturbing situations. The problems will still arise naturally, but you will be aware of how you can deal with them. Your approach will become more serene, with more temperance, and greater self-confidence so that you will be able to solve them.
  • You will be able to sustain yourself in times of adversity without outside intervention.
  • Greater capacity for self-analysis and responsibility.
    Many people who used to blame others for their actions have now opened up to their own realisation and are better able to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. This has had very positive consequences in their relationships in general, family, social and also in their working life.
  • A great qualitative leap between accusation and feeling permanently on the defensive, to acting in collaboration with others.
  • Greater benevolence and strategic ability.When faced with an unpleasant situation with another person, perhaps your impulse has been to cut them out of your life. With the use of this Activator you will be able to see how you can use this discovery to your advantage to continue with the positive that this person brings to you. At the same time, you will be able to set boundaries in various areas that normally held little or no interest for you, eliminating resentment and being able to appreciate the good that you receive.
  • You will begin to easily find a space in which to pamper your aesthetics and your health. They have reported to us the shift from "I have to go" to "I really want to go". An example of this would be going to the gym: going because you want to, not because you feel you have to. In addition, they have become aware that they are incorporating new habits, such as having a professional manicure, for example. Also, that they have integrated into their routine the use of cosmetics that until now had a merely decorative function. Or that they have gradually begun to take pleasure in eating healthier and taking more care of their diet. The Activator will make them focus on self-care and respect for their physical appearance and increase their self-esteem.
  • A sense of inner fullness and feeling at ease in their own skin.
  • You will be able to find your own place and your own inner truth, becoming your own reference.

    * All natural changes (however small) that you may perceive in yourself in a particular way are linked to the use of this jewellery from the beginning of its use.

Product information

This trigger can be customized

You can order this activator in another material.
• To maintain the coherence of your energy, we recommend silver, platinum or white gold for the reflection activator .
• For the projection activator , you can use entirely yellow or rose gold.

Extra energy always available
Extra energy always available
Extra energy always available