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Activator Watch Gold plated steel

The ideal way to get the most out of activators.

A watch that instead of telling the time, gives you energy.

Súktil activators act on two levels: energetic and informational. The best way to benefit from these two areas is to always carry the "coin" with you and see its talismanic face to download its information. Both purposes are fulfilled perfectly with the Activator watch. Available only with the Projection Activator, this gold-plated steel version is the most premium design of all our Activator watches.

Activator: With projection activator
  • If you feel afraid of losing your coin.
  • If you forget to always carry your activator with you.
  • In case you always have your currency saved. In this case, you will benefit from their energy but not from their information.
  • If you don't look at the activator daily. It is essential to see the activator from its talismanic face at least 10 minutes a day to be able to access sacred information (sacred masculine/yang energy, in the case of the projection activator; sacred feminine/yin energy).
  • If you are worried about damaging your coin with use. Inside the watch face the activator will remain in excellent condition.
  • Steel watch accessory.
  • The watch serves as a support to carry the activator (both the projection and reflection activators)
  • It is NOT a watch in itself since the machinery and time indicator hands are removed.

• With the activator watch you will meet the two necessary requirements to benefit from the full activator experience: always carry it with you and look at it as much as possible because of its talismanic face.

• You will notice its effect more and more quickly.

• You will experience in a more constant and continuous way the changes related to the energy of your activator.

• You will fully benefit from the experience of the activator, both on an energetic and informational level.

Activator: With projection activator
Feel the energetic presence of your activator
Energy is the new time
Feel the energetic presence of your activator
Energy is the new time
Feel the energetic presence of your activator
Energy is the new time