projection activator

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Sacred masculine (yang energy)

This coin gives you direct access to yang energy and the entire positive range of the sacred masculine archetype.

  • Take action.
  • Clear objectives and achieve them step by step.
  • Create execution and complete goals.
  • The authenticity.
  • Structure.
  • Self-confidence
  • Mental clarity.
  • Healthy limits.
  • Peace in action.
  • Own will.
  • Constructive ambition.
  • Activate pending changes.
  • Sustain the processes.
  • Reach the end of the change.
  • 24,500 bovis.It has to do with vital energy points and self-knowledge. If you feel like it, you can observe how your target is constantly present in your crosshairs.
  • Precious metals:Made of 7 micron 18k gold plated copper. Copper is an earth element and gold is the metal linked to the sun. The sun is a yang/masculine element by nature.
  • Size:Coin 3 cm in diameter and 2 mm thick.
  • Talismanic:Essentially it is the force that emerges from mother earth with the power of the rising sun. Provides structure.
  • Increased energy and enthusiasmwhen facing a project. If it is something important to you, you may even perceive greater joy when facing this task. This way of being will be radiating, especially for those who are part of said project.
  • More focus and concentration on your goal.You will acquire the ability to focus on what you set out to do without allowing circumstances to distract you from your goal. You will notice greater effort and perseverance.
  • Improve your performance.The results of what you do compared to your effort will be magnified. You will be able to go from the impulsiveness of “doing whatever it takes to get it done” to working efficiently.
  • It will increase your visibility and notoriety.In the personal field it can be translated into greater magnetism and in the professional field, it can be tangible in an increase in interest on the part of others towards your work. An interesting point is that 9 of our 10 projection activator testers have even perceived an increase in income due to the influx of customers.
  • You will notice thatYou will be able to set limits without having to resort to aggression or confrontation. Therefore, your relationships will improve since you will be able to establish your boundaries calmly.

Product information

This trigger can be customized

You can order this activator in another material.
• To maintain the coherence of your energy, we recommend silver, platinum or white gold for the reflection activator .
• For the projection activator , you can use entirely yellow or rose gold.

Extra energy always available
Extra energy always available
Extra energy always available