Ornamental Brainy Headband

Cognitive improvement and rest.

The possibility of wearing the Brainy jewel on a headband with an ornamental design. It gives you access through your unconscious mind to substantially improve all your cognitive abilities. The ideal is to use it for at least 15 minutes a day with the star design in contact with your skin in the center of the forehead. We recommend using it at night, on the bedside table, under the pillow,...

  • Have an aesthetic and beautifying accessory to go to events such as festivals, concerts, weddings,... enjoying a deeper experience.
  • Deal with daily stress.
  • Improve your sleep patterns by achieving deep rest.
  • Quiet your mind.
  • Precious metals:Plate and chains in 925 sterling silver. This headband has a central chain and two side chains. On each of the sides it has 3 thinner chains that are in the shape of a wave.
  • Size:Triangular jewel with rounded tips, 2 cm high.
  • Talismanic:Two-sided design related to position and direction and energy fluidity.
  • Currently one of the main origins of physical illnesses and mental disorders is in thestress. In accordance with our purpose of continuing to improve people's lives, we consider that this jewel is a great contribution on a social level.
  • High levels of stress are linked to problems withinsomnia,which has a high impact on thedaily physical well-being and mental performance. High irritability, low tolerance for possible daily setbacks as a result of a bad rest also have a great impact on a relational level: you yell at your children, you lose your temper with your partner, you vent in bad ways with your parents,...
    If the source of your relationship problems is not linked to stress, the Lovelybond bracelet is specifically designed to heal your patterns.
  • This pendant allows youcalm your mindbeing able to continue with your daily routines even improving your performance.
  • This gem has apositive impact on a cognitive levelso it is a good gift for children.

This jewel can be personalized

It can be made gold plated or completely gold.

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To increase your learning capacity
Achieve deeper rest
To increase your learning capacity
Achieve deeper rest
To increase your learning capacity
Achieve deeper rest