Which activator to start with?

All people, regardless of what we identify with, have
feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energy within us. It usually happens that one of them is more abundant in our person naturally. This dominant energy may or may not correspond to our assigned gender.

We recommend choosing the activator according to that dominant energy. If there is a distorting excess of one of them, it is desirable to start with the activator of the sacred feminine or masculine as the case may be. That is, a reflection activator (if there is excess feminine energy) or projection activator (if there is excess masculine energy).

If there is simply a tendency towards one of them without it becoming excessive, we recommend opting for the complementary activator. That is, choose the reflection activator if your natural tendency is towards masculine energy and the projection activator if your tendency is towards feminine energy.

In any case, the ideal is to work with both to access a full version of yourself.

At what vital moments is the reflection activator especially important?

✹ Pregnancy, puerperium and maternity...

Since with this activator you raise your vibration to the sacred feminine, take
special relevance in situations of pregnancy, puerperium and
motherhood in general. Vital moments of great internal transformation that can also be very disturbing and difficult to manage. In these circumstances, with the reflection activator you make it easier for yourself to experience these changes from serenity and with confidence in your abilities to carry them out. You can be a more sensitive and perceptive person to pay attention to small details and thus handle yourself better.
in your maternal tasks.

✹ In all creative processes

From writing a book to decorating your house through
entrepreneurship and all the things you can think of. The reflection activator will give you access to this information to enhance your creative capacity and free the generation of new ideas. You will be able to make the most of your potential easily, even realizing that you are more witty. If your nature is already creative, you will experience greater ease in the process. And if, on the contrary, it is not a quality that is present in you in a prominent way, you will notice how you will be able to access this energy when before perhaps you saw yourself totally incapable.

✹ In any situation of emotional shock

Collaborate with you with the acceptance of your circumstances, do not fall into
dramas and being able to healthily manage the shock until reaching fluidity

✹ Loss or closure of a stage

To achieve self-sufficiency in the physical loss of a loved one,
the end of a friendship or relationship and also changes in employment or housing. Although these changes are for the better, with the reflection activator you will facilitate the closing of a stage for the complete experience of the
following. The reflection activator acts as a balm for all
emotional wounds.

✹ Greater access to your strategic capacity

You will be able to manage information in a more useful way by differentiating what
accessory of the relevant. Realize all the resources you have and
also those you have and don't need. Reflect on your decisions thinking
about what was thought.

At what vital moments is the projection activator especially important?

✹Overwhelm due to overload of responsibilities

This activator has special relevance in situations of increased
responsibilities and/or taking charge of other people, tasks, etc. In parenting situations, activation of new professional roles or associations with other people.

✹ Tasks that require dynamism

It can be from a sports competition to a professional project, through the execution of daily mechanical tasks or even perseverance in creating a healthy habit that you want to have.

✹ Bargaining situations

Both in parent-child relationships and in relationships or in business. In all situations that require setting limits and also shining to show your best version, this activator will be very useful.

✹ Need for visibility.

Attract more clientele, have more impact and visibility in all your actions, recognition for work done, social shine,….

Why should both triggers be used?

The ideal is to use both activators to achieve your fullness and achieve maximum balance. The optimal scenario is to start
by raising your naturally present vibration and then downloading the complementary energy.

For example, if you only integrate the energy of the reflection activator into yourself, you will realize your greater capacity for perception and observation, more creativity and inner calm. But if you lack yang or sacred masculine energy, your projects will remain in the realm of ideas and it will be difficult for you to materialize your actions.

And, on the contrary, if you only connect and raise your yang energy through the projection activator, you will have more capacity to execute the actions you propose, but you will run the risk of acting without a prior strategy and without
paying attention to details, making you unable to correct your mistakes.

The activators are used individually according to need.

How do I use the triggers?

✹ At an energetic level

You constantly benefit from its emanation. What you need to have the coin with you. This is why the ideal format is the Activator watch.

✹ At the level of archetypal information

It is desirable to visualize the coin on the talismanic side to activate the access route at an unconscious level.